About Us

Passionate about human-centred solutions.

Our Vision

To inspire dynamic transformation through technological, ecological and social synergy.

Our Mission

To empower individuals and organizations with intelligent software and framework solutions.

The Team

Meet our humble team dedicated to continuous improvement in pursuit of sustainable and efficient products that provide a better tomorrow for a better you.

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Matthew Janega
Product & Sales Specialist
PSM-I, PSPO-I, Certified CiceroneĀ®, WSET Wine Level 2, WSET Spirits Level 2


Personality Archetype: INTJ-T

Highlights: National Core Sales Excellence Recipient 2020 (Diageo), The Edge Recipient Jan 2020 (Breakthru Beverage), 2012 World's Toughest Mudder Competitor, Co-Produced, Wrote & Directed a short film 2011

Responsibilities: Product Vision, Product Backlog Refinement, Maximizing value through customer collaboration

Quirky Quote: "When you know the way broadly, you will see it in all things." - Miyamoto Musashi

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Justin Chan
Problem Solver & Software Engineer


Personality Archetype: ESTP-T

Highlights: Started working in the Tech sector from a young age, Worked with Daimler/Mercedes and Honda, Successfully led the launch of multiple Web, iOS and Android applications including Beerify.Ā 

Responsibilities: Accountable for useful increments each Sprint, Creating a plan for the Sprint Backlog, Instilling quality by adhering to the definition of done, Adapting the plan daily or every other day toward the Sprint Goal

Quirky Quote: "I believe anything is possible."

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Debora Aragao
Agile Coach

Partner Advisor

Personality Archetype: ENFJ-A

Highlights: 14 years of IT experience in Software Development across multiple industries, Extensive experience with Scrum, Agile and Waterfall practices, and Board Member of PMI CWCC.

Responsibilities: Coaching members in self-management and cross-functionality, Helps the team focus on high-value increments that meet DOD

Quirky Quote: "Stronger together."